DIY Ringtones

  Pine Man 14:09 24 Dec 07

I am a complete numpty when it comes to mobile phones but ok with computers.

My phone is a Sony Ericsson T290i and I want to put different ringtones on it - without paying for them of course!

I have seen free progs on the internet for converting music files etc into ringtones but what format should they be converted to and after I have converted them how do I get them into my phone?

Can anyone recommend such a program for idiots?

  superhoops 16:25 24 Dec 07

Dont know about your phone but on mine you link the phone up to the pc with a mini usb cable and drag an mp3 file to the " sounds" folder. Easy as that. Use an audio editor like Audacity to trim the file to the correct length and fade in/ out if you desire

  Pine Man 16:46 24 Dec 07

Thanks for that - not sure about the cable though, I'll ask in a phone shop maybe.

  mymate 18:52 24 Dec 07

This web site is free click here Just download to your computer and bluetooth to your mobile.

  mymate 18:54 24 Dec 07

Fatboyslim71 put this on a few weeks ago click here

  Pine Man 20:04 24 Dec 07

Uh Ohh!

My phone isn't blue tooth - am I doomed?

  smokingbeagle 20:30 24 Dec 07

Try this site. click here

It is easy to use.
I'm not recommendig this seller but this is what you appear to need.
click here

  Pine Man 08:22 25 Dec 07

That seems ideal.

Thank you all for your help and Happy Christmas!

  mymate 08:54 25 Dec 07

Pine Man.As long as you got the lead that goes from the mobile to the computer you can still use that free web site for ring tones.Just download the ring tones to your desktop. Use the Program thatFatboyslim71 put on and transfer that way.
Sorry didnt know it didnt have blue tooth.

  Pine Man 09:24 25 Dec 07

Thanks for that.

  happyall 07:20 09 Feb 08

I think mp3 to ringtone gold can help you , just download it at click here
You can save any part of your favorite mp3s to ringtone format.

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