Disable built-n Freeview on Sony Bravia

I have a Sony Bravia 46" LCD tv with in-built Freeview. the problem is that the Freeview programs are seen as sliding Ghost images behind Sky programmes, removing the Antenna simply results in a degraded picture (causesd by the "snow" with no incoming signal)

Is it possible to shut down the Freeview, (not needed because I have Sky).

  natdoor 08 Oct 10

The Freeview channel should not be shown if you have selected an alternative input source, such a Scart or HDMI. The only suggestion I can make is that the set is faulty. I would consult your supplier.

I do know that selecting alternate inputs should switch to that channel/input e.g Freeview is on one Sky is on another and the DVD is on yet another BluRay uses the HDMI input all scart inputs i.e Sky and DVD are controlled by an electronic switching device and Freeview has to be selected via the TV's own menu, when Sky is selected the Freeview tuner ghosts behind it. You may well be right that the set is defective.

  BRYNIT 09 Oct 10

If you have the aerial cable going through the sky box and then to the TV the first possible cause of ghosting would be the RF channel of the sky box is close to a TV channel and needs changing.

The simplest solution would be to remove the aerial cable from the shy box this prevents ghosting from the RF channel.

The second possible cause would be a cheap scart lead, faulty scart lead or bad connections either at the TV or sky box. Try reseating the lead or trying a different lead.


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