Digital Photo Frame Help

  Crazydaizy 30 Sep 10

I have a lot of photos on an SD card which I insert into my Digital Photo Frame.

Why don't these photos run in the order that I have put them on the SD card on the computer?

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

  hastelloy 30 Sep 10

Do you have a setting called shuffle or random or something similar and if so is it selected?

  Crazydaizy 01 Oct 10

I think if it was set to "shuffle" or random then everything would be REALLY mixed up. Which it is not. I cannot see a "Shuffle" option anyway. I wonder if it might have something to do with numerical or alphabetical order? I will look into it.

  hastelloy 01 Oct 10

Put numbers - from 01 or 001 before your file names. They will be sorted into numeric order first and then alphabetically.

  Crazydaizy 02 Oct 10

I have numbered all of my pictures now, and it seems to keep starting with 05.

I have about 24 different folders. So the photos in the first folder go 01(1) 02(2) etc. To the 24th folder where the pictures are 24(1) 24(2) etc.

When I insert the SD card into the Digital Photo Frame it starts with 5 then 3.

Getting quite frustrated and may have to leave it as it is, but can't understand why!!

  Crazydaizy 03 Oct 10

I moved all the photos onto the hard drive of my PC, then in the order I wanted them to appear on the Digital Photo Frame, I moved them back onto the SD Card.

And so far so good!!! Problem seems to be solved.

Apart from one latest set of photos. They were taken "portrait" style, which means they are showing on their sides on the Digital Photo Frame, even though I have changed them to the right way round on the computer, and they show up corrected on the computer but not on the Digital Photo Frame.


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