Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) on a Telly

  Proclaimer 16 Sep 10

I am looking at New TV's and they boast Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) capability. I asked the assistant in the shop about that and he informed me I can watch things on BBC iPlayer for example on the TV.

I asked how that worked, do I need to use my PC to access the BBC iPlayer then somehow stream that to the TV, or do I search for content straight from the TV to the BBC iPlayer or what?

He didn't really know. So, has anyone got a 'big telly with DLNA' and do they know what it can and can't do?

Do I need a NAS Device to store digital media on in order to access it or does it actually 'go online'?

  wiz-king 16 Sep 10

I think it is a connectivity standard - a bit like USB - every thing is supposed to be able to talk to each other. From what I have read it doesn't. All my stuff is too old to be on that standard.
If you download the user manual for one of the TVs it might tell you, or at least give you a hint of what it is, the website is as clear as mud click here .

  Proclaimer 17 Sep 10

When you say you can stream them from any PC, does that mean any PC connected to the Router on the Home Network?

The 'Internet@TV', I guess that is what allows apps like BBC iPlayer, Facebook and LoveFilm. How do you interact with them or select what you want to watch?


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