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  buteman 14 May 11

Hi. I am in between areas for digital TV namely Anglia and Central.

Now the Anglia region has already been updated but parts of the Central area are not being changed over till September[it may be August].

Basically when The central upgrade starts and if I tune into that,Will I then loose my Anglian TV programs or will I receive the extra channels from Central including the ones that I already have.

  morddwyd 14 May 11

Depends how good your aerial is.

If it can pick up both the Central and the Anglia transmitters you'll receive the programmes they transmit.

If it can't, you won't.

  buteman 14 May 11

Really poor aerial but picks up good pictures from Anglia.

Only get about 12 channels mind you but all good pictures. I just wondered if I would pick up even more when the central area changes without loosing the ones that I have.

  BT 15 May 11


"the Anglia region has already been updated"

Really! I live in Norwich and we don't get 'done' till later in the year. We are on the Tacolnston transmitter. Which transmitter are you getting Anglia from?

Re Aerials. We have an old 7 element aerial and get good reception on Analogue and Freeview. There are a number of Aerial companies around here who are trying to frighten people into getting new installations by advertising that you will lose all your reception unless you upgrade.

  buteman 15 May 11


I can assure you if you are picking up good signals at the moment you will pick up great digital signals with the same aerial.

The pictures are that good I can see aerial company's going bust.

Not sure what transmitter I get it from as there are a few.I stay in the Corby area and just followed updates for the regional updates.

I did get a letter in the other day which said with my Postcode I would be getting updated later this year and that was for central TV.

  buteman 15 May 11


Just tried this to find out my nearest text

Now it gives me as the nearest transmitter as Waltham and the dates for changeover are 17-8-2011 and the 31-8 2011.

As far as I know I was updated from the Anglia region but not sure how I would find out.

  BT 15 May 11


You can usually tell which transmitter you are receiving from when you scan your Freeview box. On mine it tells me that I'm on the Tacolnston Transmitter.

  buteman 15 May 11


I don't have a box just the Freeview that comes with the TV.

  BT 16 May 11


Should still identify the transmitter when you scan/rescan.

I have a Freeview+ box as well as the built in TV one and both show the transmitter details when you rescan.

  buteman 16 May 11


Nope just tried it just says checking for digital channels but no mention of from what Transmitter.

  natdoor 16 May 11

Sandy Heath transmitter has already had analogue switch-off. Other Anglian transmitters are broadcasting both digital and analogue at present. Sudbury switches off in July and, as stated earlier, Tacolneston in November. There are updates even before switch-off. It is possible that you are receiving some Freeview channels from a transmitter prior to analogue switch-off. Our area is the last to convert and I should not be able to receive Freeview according to the predictions of the website but I get all channels with only very occasional minor problems.


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