Digital camera as a webcam??

  DANZIG 10:46 26 Mar 08

Can I use my compact digital camera as a webcam if I attach it via the USB cable?

If I can, how do I set it up to do so?

  Covergirl 12:41 26 Mar 08

You'll only be able to use it as a webcam if it says it is a webcam in the instructions or on the box.

I'm on my 4th digicam and so far none of them have had this feature.

I did (at one time) consider buying a camera with dual functionalities but couldn't see the need. £5.47 for a basic webcam in Tesco click here and you can leave it plugged in and switched on all day if you want.

  anchor 12:44 26 Mar 08

Tesco webcam; On their site it says:

"Sorry, this item cannot be bought separately"

  DANZIG 13:21 26 Mar 08

I've just tried my camera, and no it doesn't.

Oh well, worth a shot I suppose

  BT 16:53 26 Mar 08

We have 3 digital cameras, A Fuji S600zoom, a Pentax E30 and a very cheap one that we got from Tesco and they all have the option of using them as webcams. You just have to set them to the correct mode in the menus

  Stuartli 18:48 26 Mar 08

Fuji has offered several digital cameras over the years that can double up as webcams.

BT also mentions Ashai's Pentax E30 having the facility.

  Covergirl 20:57 26 Mar 08


Yeah, seen that but what does it mean - do I have to buy a packet of mints as well or is it something to do with a minimum order value ? Any ideas ?

It's on the shelf in our local store anyway, same price, and everyones got a Tesco close by methinks.

Other brands are available PC World 4.97 click here=
Currys 5.98 click here= or Comet 5.99 click here and it's a Labtec

  BT 08:30 27 Mar 08

There are several webcams in my local Tesco for under £10

  anchor 10:11 27 Mar 08

It probably means that to order over the net, one must also buy something else. I imagine it does not apply to in-store sales.

Personally, I would go for the Labtec from Comet; it is a "branded" product. You would also need a microphone, (with a headset, would be best), in order to speak to someone.

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