Digital camera got wet!

  shivmc 13:44 12 Dec 05

Cycling through a Monsoon my Ixus 500 got damp and now doesn't work. It has been through a few hairdryer sessions and is now resting in the airing cupboard ;-)

Any thoughts anybody?

  Forum Editor 18:46 12 Dec 05

that residual moisture is causing the minute voltage - that's applied to components when you power up - to track, and cause a short somewhere.

See if you can get hold of some silica gel crystals (try Boots the chemist) and put the camera in a closed box with the crystals for a day or so.

Take the batteries out of the camera before you do this - in fact, take them out now.

  Arnie 19:01 12 Dec 05

on where the damp, possibly water has penetrated.

You obviously switched on the camera BEFORE you tried to dry it out. Doing this will seriously affect any electronic circuitry. Although the voltages are very low in your camera, microprocessors and chips in general may be operating on very low current levels on some of the pins. Water of any kind will damage these components, not to mention the zoom mechanics.

My only advice is: Remove the battery, place the camera in the airing cupboard for a week or so, replace the battery and try again.
Make sure there are no damp garments being dried out in the cupboard. You are aiming for a totally arid atmosphere.

I am sorry to have to say this; I do not think your chances of returning the camera to its working state are favourable.

  Arnie 19:06 12 Dec 05

The Forum Editor beat me to it whilst I was composing my reply.

His silica gel crystals is certainly a good idea. Go for it!

  shivmc 12:42 13 Dec 05

Thank you both for your ideas. One piece of info I neglected to share that may imply electronic damage is that in the process of becoming damp it somehow zoomed although it had been off. Sounds sadly terminal but I will go for resurrection with Silica Gel! thx


  Arnie 13:47 13 Dec 05

You're welcome.

"in the process of becoming damp it somehow zoomed although it had been off".

This is a possible example, of moisture tracking hitherto very high resistance paths to the zoom operating electronics.

These paths have become areas for current to flow even when "switched off". The only true switch off is battery removal.

If you do have success with the forum advice given, please do let us all know. It could be of use to other forum users.

Good luck.


  jack 17:40 13 Dec 05

The Prophlactic to this problem is to protect the kit.

Earlier this year I cruised the Antarctic- some of it in a Zodiac.

I made a cover for my Olympus E10 from one of those transparent clear plastic bages that trainers and the like come in- with liberal use of elestic bands
only the lens front and viewer eye piece was exposed.
Something in the region of 1000 exposures all perfect and the camera came through fine.

  steve0 23:28 13 Dec 05

Get yourself an Olympus Mui series - they are weatherproof - I've used mine - an Olympus stylus 500 all over the world in tropical storms, on boats etc and it has never had a problem.

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