Digital camera battery

  Daiol 12:14 01 Feb 07

good day,I have been using a digital camera now for a while i'm using rechargable AA ones 2100mah,now after a long time they dont hold their charge as they were,I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good battery for use in digital camera's,Thanks.

  Pamy 15:09 01 Feb 07

I would stay with the same make that you have. Most reacharables only last 500-1000 charges. you should also only charge them when required and try to run them low befoe fully charging to get the best from them. Mnh batteries can be charged from any state of dicharge, but they will only last the same amount of charges per lifetime

  jack 20:13 01 Feb 07

Some chargers have a' Full discharge ' facility. or get hold of a Penlight or other AA torch and put the 'empty' batteries in switch it on and allow to torch to take the batteries right down- then recharge.

  dms05 21:17 01 Feb 07

I was always told not to completely discharge a rechargeable battery (ie don't put it in a torch) and that's why digital cameras turn off whilst theirs some charge left in the battery. You can buy 'dischargers' that will take a battery down to it's lowest safe limit. Leaving partially discharged cells in equipment isn't good for the battery, they should be discharged before storing for more than a week or so.

Having said that I understand the latest DSLR's have a battery that last 500+ exposures and some users claim they keep the charge for months - but they are Lithium ion.

  Al94 22:33 01 Feb 07

I use these for a varielty of purposes including cameras click here

  Daiol 15:58 02 Feb 07

many thanks to all of your thoughts,what would you say to this battery:click here

  Pamy 16:41 02 Feb 07

do you have a charger to charger them?

  rodriguez 12:59 03 Feb 07

I think that battery's a specialist one for Ricoh cameras. If your camera takes AA, I don't think it would fit.

  Daiol 14:07 03 Feb 07

sorry but i forgot to give full info.I do have a RICOH Caplio R1v camera.thanks for all your replies.

  Belatucadrus 00:49 12 Feb 07

click here would also be worth a look, high capacity and as always excellent value from 7dayshop.

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