Digital Camera Batteries problem

  Sirpad 17:54 27 Mar 06

I have an Olympus Camedia D-535 camera and thought I'd buy high quality batteries so I bought some Panasonic Digital Xtreme Power batteries. The first set only lasted for about 20-30 shots. The second set lasted about 10 shots and 6 short videos. I contacted Panasonic about this and they sent a very nice reply stating 'The actual performance of the batteries is very much dependent upon the drainage characteristics of the appliance'. They even offered me a replacement pack. I'm still waiting to hear back from Olympus.

My question is...has anyone else had a problem with this camera and the way it obviously drained the batteries so effect the batteries lasted one short mornings' usage.

  De Marcus™ 19:24 27 Mar 06

Your wasting your time (and money) with anything other than rechargeables for digital cameras.

You should consider a good set of rechargeables with a minimum 2000Mah metal hydride type, not nickel cadmium.

  hzhzhz 19:36 27 Mar 06

My Canon uses 4xAA. I bought a set of Energizer NH when I got the camera. That was 8 months ago. I have taken hundreds and hundreds of pics, many with the flash. They are still going strong despite the fact that sometimes they are charged when flat and sometimes after only a little use.

  amonra 20:27 27 Mar 06

Try "premiumdigital" site for a good range of rechargeable batteries. Excellent service and good prices.

  Sirpad 23:46 27 Mar 06

Thanks guys...

De Marcus - where can I find the rechargeables with a minimum 2000Mah (metal hydride type).
I found these...Uniross AA 2300mAh (Nickel Metal Hydride)...are these what you mean?

hzhzhz - Also didn't have much luck finding Energizer NH batteries.

Amonra - there wasn't any premiumdigital site but there is a premiumdigital shop on eBay. Is that what you meant?

  De Marcus™ 23:51 27 Mar 06

Just about any well known brand of rechargeables will do, the higher the Mah rating the longer they will last. The uniross ones should be fine.

  jack 14:15 28 Mar 06

Rechargables for DigiCams NiMah preffered
Try click here
For best deals batteries and chargers

  amonra 14:40 28 Mar 06

Sirpad, yes sorry, should have said EBay connection. Good product and good prices.

  anchor 14:48 29 Mar 06

You asked where to get genuine Energiser NiMh AA rechargeables. These are 2500mAh rated.

click here

  Sirpad 15:50 29 Mar 06

Thanks again to all of to go shopping now.......will reply here when new batteries have been tested.

  Danoh 01:17 30 Mar 06

different makes of rechargeable NiMh batteries?
I have used many different brands and can't tell between those with the same capacities (1200-2600 mAh).

I've been getting mine from 7dayShop as well.
click here=
They did have some Energizer 2100 mAh on clearance sale a while back, but they all seem to have gone now.

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