Device to show 3G signal strength

  setecio 07 Aug 08

Is there a device to show 3G signal strength for all the networks. I would like to get a portable device or even a dongle to plug into my laptop that will indicate the best 3G network to use in various locations.

The only other option is to try each network which might be the only answer - I presume they all have a cooling off period or will refund people in the case of no signal.

  FatboySlim71 09 Aug 08

My advice would be to visit the various networks sites and have a look around on the site for network coverage maps, this should give you a good idea as to what the signal and 3G signal will be like in a given area. Most of the sites should have a network coverage map somewhere on the site.

  peter99co 01 Sep 08

Maplin does a WiFi locator but that is not the same as you require is it?

  setecio 18 Sep 08

Thanks peter but it is a '3G' locator that I would be after, the signal coming from 3G mobile broadband masts. I doubt it exists other than just buying a dongle for a particular network, although I was hoping one would exist that displayd a signal strength for all networks and not just one.

  3gboosterman 07 Nov 08

If you have a usb mobile broadband dongle and you get good signal outside but poor signal inside, then i may be able to help.
3g signal booster antenna's, low gain and high gain ones and they work on dongles without any antenna connections.
If interested, please email me.

  setecio 09 Nov 08

Thanks Jeff, but it was a 'signal testing tool' that I was looking for.

I have since read that some top end laptops are being sold with built in 3G modems but which don't work with all networks. I suppose built in 3G modems will become the fashion soon and they will have to eventually just work with all networks.


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