Dead Battery, what next?

  Bing.alau 11 Feb 13

I've had a Nokia C2-05 for about two months. I let the battery run down whilst it was laying in the car and when I attempted to recharge it, it remained as dead as a Dodo. I only use the phone in the car, so is it now possible to get it going again or do I just chuck it away and buy a new one?

  morddwyd 11 Feb 13

Really dDead batteries frequently take a long time to even show a glimmer.

Did you keep it connected to the charger for at least 24 hours?

  Bing.alau 12 Feb 13

Morddwyd. Hi, Yes I did keep it charging for more than that but it just never showed a glimmer. Thanks for the reply and I am now doing a deal for a new phone with that nice Mr Branson (Virgin Media) for a new one. But it bugs me that batteries are so unreliable. It was left in my car for about two days, unfortunately I had left it switched on and it just ran out. If I had left it charging it would have probably overcharged or something. Ah well, maybe batteries will keep on improving and who knows they may invent one that will last for ever. Thanks again, now going for a look at Speakers Corner before I go shopping.

  bumpkin 14 Feb 13

They don't want to provide decent batteries not in their interest, better for them that you buy a new phone.


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