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  shaneoneill 18:19 10 Dec 05


I recently noticed that whenever I upload photos onto my pc that I seem to get an extra file which I have never seen before. Its a "thumbs DB" file and when I try to delete I get various warnings telling me that certain programmes may not work if I delete it. Anyone any ideas what these are or mean? How can I get rid of them ? It appears my pc is prone to crashing when a lot of memory is in use lately as a result (maybe this is a coincidence)

Any help is much appreciated ..

  shaneoneill 18:20 10 Dec 05

UPDATE - apprently they are system files - but what are they doing in places they have never been before?

  PaulB2005 19:12 10 Dec 05

They contain the thumbnail (small) pictures that are used when you view your photos in thumbnail view in Windows Explorer.

Open Windows Explorer, open a folder with pictures in it, View Menu, Thumbnail, you see the folder now have pictures on them of the pictures IN them. These are made by Windows and stored in the Thumbs.db file.

  PaulB2005 19:44 10 Dec 05

By e-mail

"would you know why they seem to be appearing recently but have never appeared before?"

Please keep all correspondance in the thread so we can all see what'sbeing said.

They will appear anywhere pictures are or have been. Don't worry about them.

  shaneoneill 20:12 10 Dec 05

thanks Paul

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