Dab Radio Signal

  tonyq 05 Jul 11

At the moment I cannot receive Freeview for my TV until the digital switch over, which is in September for my area. Does this mean I will not be able to get any reception on DAB radio till September,or is that something completely different?

  natdoor 05 Jul 11

DAB radio coverage is different to digital TV coverage.

To check your local coverage see link text

  tonyq 06 Jul 11

natdoor, thank you for the link. I am getting - "you are fairly likely to receive these stations, but may need an external aerial for best reception". The reason I posted the question is that I have just bought a Panasonic Compact Stereo System Model No SC-HC30DB, which has DAB,FM as well as provision for ipod and CD playing. I don't seem able to get either DAB or FM

  morddwyd 06 Jul 11

Digital sawitch over will not make any difference to DAB (or FM) reception. (

  tonyq 07 Jul 11

Hi all,

would a Indoor aerial make a difference for getting Dab/FM reception?,if so could you recommend one.

  dms_05 07 Jul 11

DAB is often much more difficult to receive than FM. If you can't receive FM then it's a good chance DAB will be impossible. You may be able to improve your FM signal with an indoor antenna but you will probably need an expensive outdoor antenna for DAB. As DAB sound is no better then FM (in most circumstances) then I'd forget DAB and try FM.

You've discovered the folly of forcing people to switch from proven high quality FM to inferior DAB unless the user and the broadcaster investing very heavily in new equipment - for no overall gain.

  morddwyd 07 Jul 11

"DAB is often much more difficult to receive than FM. "

But not necessarily so.

I went to DAB simply because there is no FM signal here, and driving through the Highlands I frequently continue to receive DAB stations long after FM has disappeared.

It's very much a matter of locality.


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