D A B Radio advice needed

  conrail 17 Jun 12

  conrail 17 Jun 12

Hi guys, don't know what happened, put in title and post closed with nothing in the body, I am considering getting a DAB Radio but know nothing about them, if I program a local radio station in, ie BBC local radio Tees, I live in the Tees area, and happen to be in another part of the country, ie visiting my son in Glasgow, can I still get that station, this may appear to be a silly question but as I say I know nothing about them, all help and advice appreciated.

  onionskin 18 Jun 12

Probably not, but we need someone from Glasgow to confirm that. Wikepedia says: BBC Tees is available on DAB in Teesside, County Durham and North Yorkshire and online via the station's website. So, if you can't live without Radio Tees, have you considered an internet radio?

  dms_05 18 Jun 12

DAB probably has a less generous distribution than the equivalent FM signal. So can you receive Radio Tees on FM in Glasgow?

Probably the best way to receive local stations in a distant location is to use an Internet Radio - you could then receive Radio Tees in Australia! You would need access to the Internet at your distant location to do this (I use WiFi to connect our Internet Radios to my Router and can receive all BBC Local radio stations in my home). I also like to listen to stations broadcasting in The USA.

  conrail 18 Jun 12

thanks onionskin & dms-05, I just wondered if it was something like a freeview signal, I have both freeview and freesat, prefer the latter but virgin offered me a deal which included freeview for less than I was paying them, strangest thing, I can get lots of radio stations on these channels but not local radio, anyway, again many thanks for your advice, I appreciate your time.


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