CRT vs TFT monitors

  HMIG 19:18 15 Nov 06

Thinking of swapping my old 21" iiyama vision master 502 for a TFT possibly another iiyama

E.g. click here

only 19" but looks OK.

Any one have experience of the new iiyama's or a general view on the new TFT's.

Used for gaming and photo editing


  Mr Mistoffelees 20:16 15 Nov 06

I've been using a Samsung Syncmaster 930BF for nearly a year and before that a Philips 170C4. The Philips was quite good but the Samsung is excellent. There is, without question, no way I would go back to CRT.

  siouxah1 22:47 15 Nov 06

I would agree with Mr Mistoffelees.
Remember that the TFT 19" will provide the same amount of screen as the Iiyama.

I swopped my 21" Iiyama 513 for a Samsung. Never regretted it. (Still use the CRT on another machine.)


  rupie 02:12 16 Nov 06

games and photos have the biggest demands on monitors. CRTS will cope brilliantly with almost everything a modern card can throw at it, and have done for years; at a good price. LCD screens suffer from colour problems, tearing and lag issues. But if you have to put up with a 20" LCD or a 20" veiw off a crt then LCD will always win in the home.
Space wise LCD, Quality wise CRT

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:46 16 Nov 06

You are a bit out of date with your thinking. Good new LCD monitors just don't have those problems anymore.

  woodchip 23:42 16 Nov 06

Crt is better for what you do, If you do a lot of Editing. With a Crt you can zoom in to a single pixel editing stage

  HMIG 15:00 18 Nov 06

Thanks for your replys.

I have been to PC world and a couple of other stores to look at the TFT's running.

Even if they had game clips running it was DVD movie sequences not in game frames so not a real example of there capability, to show them at there best. Guess its buy one and see for myself.


  JYPX 17:48 19 Nov 06

HMIG - I realise that you have closed the thread but could I just offer this piece of advice. Have a look at the TFT screens sold by John Lewis and Tesco. If you decide that you have made a mistake , you can put it back in the box and return it.

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