Copying from a DVD recorder

  vassos 08:53 22 Feb 09

I have a Humax hard disc recorder on which I currently have a film requested by a friend. I need to copy it to a DVD disc to send. Haven't a clue where to start. Help please?

  Demora 10:46 22 Feb 09

On Our LG. we go into the Harddrive menu and select dubbing. Then follow the on screen menus.

Once the disc is copied you then must 'Finalise' it.

Sorry I can't help more but its not a feature I have used very often.


  vassos 11:46 22 Feb 09

Thanks Demora, I'll have a look but it doesn't really make much sense to me, not being very hot on these things

  anchor 14:18 22 Feb 09

I am not familiar with the Humax range but from what I see on the Humax site, a DVD recorder is not built in.

As you speak about recording to a DVD I assume that you have a stand alone DVD recorder. You should connect the correct scart-out of the Humax to the scart in of the DVD recorder. (Check which is the scart AV-in of the latter). If all is well you should be able to record to the DVD.

As Demora advises, ensure the disc is finalised. Instructions how to do this should be included with the manual of your DVD recorder.

  natdoor 14:19 22 Feb 09

It would appear that Demora's LG box is a DVD recorder with hard drive. I assume that the Humax does not have an in-built DVD recorder.

I believe that some PVRs have a USB output. Presumably this enables the PVR to be used as an external hard drive when connected to a PC. If so, that would provide a method of burning a DVD.

I am sure that more knowledgeable paricipants can tell you if I'm right or wrong and give further advice.

  anchor 14:33 22 Feb 09
  vassos 21:05 22 Feb 09

Thanks guys. There is no USB port on my Humax. I have sent off an email to Humas Tech.Support so will see what transpires. Meanwhile, my son popped in and had a look. He is normally quite well informed on these things. He was in a hurry but muttered about some cable commections being required and said he thought he had some. Maybe all is not lost. Tks again.

  natdoor 09:12 23 Feb 09

As no USB output is available, I believe you will need a video capture card installed in your PC. Basic cards capture analogue video (component or composite) but it is possible to capture digital output on some, from an SDI or HDMI source. If you are intending to make DVDs from your HDD recordings on a regular basis, it may well be worthwhile to invest in one.

  anchor 09:45 23 Feb 09

Do you have a stand-alone DVD recorder, or a VHS recorder, (if a tape would be an acceptable alternative to a disc).

If so, then there would be no problem and, as your son said, all you need is the appropriate cables.

  Jim Thing 09:50 23 Feb 09

There's a load of advice on the Hummy forums (try click here for example).

My Humax 9200T came with a software solution (E-Linker) on a CD-ROM, but I couldn't get to grips with it. Then a couple of years ago a bright Hummy forum member by the name of son_t developed a modification which solves the problem neatly. Problem is, the mod involves making some physical changes inside the box and could invalidate your guarantee.

I did son_t's mod about two years ago; it's quite easy to do and it works like a charm. If you fancy having a go you'll find illustrated details of exactly how to do it at click here.

Good luck

  vassos 23:05 23 Feb 09

Again, many thanks.

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