copying all "DVD" movies

  Newuser2569 19:53 18 May 06

what is the best free program to copy all "DVD" movies even if they are copyright protected

  alB 20:30 18 May 06

You wont get that kind of information on this forum ...alB

  Joe R 20:36 18 May 06


Dvd shrink.

  Vangeliska 20:39 18 May 06

On its own, DVD Shrink cannot copy copyright protected discs.

  Joe R 20:47 18 May 06


I have copied almost all of my own collection of copyrighted DVD's, (as a backup), using dvd shrink 3.2.

  Vangeliska 20:52 18 May 06

Unless you are domiciled in North America or in one of the other enlightened countries which allow "back up" copies to be made (the UK is not one of these!) you cannot do it legally, plus DVD Shrink requires an external program to strip out the copy protection.

  Joe R 21:05 18 May 06


yes I realise that officially, what I do is not strictly legal, but, I don't think that Sony, EMI, Warner-AOL are going to come knocking on my door, for backing up movies which I have legally purchased.

I do have a copy of DVDXcopy platinum installed on my system, but never knew that dvd shrink was using this, to strip out the copyright protection, as it has never shown any sign to highlight this.

I should also add, that dvd shrink is used to cut my dual-layer dvd's to single layer, as the cost (imho) is still prohibitive, for this type of blank media.

  Vangeliska 21:05 18 May 06

Apologies are in order Joe R, I just tried an experiment and DVD Shrink does, indeed, appear to carry out its own decryption. Just goes to show that you should treat some assertions as suspect.

  Joe R 21:13 18 May 06


No apologies necessary. You are talking to someone, who once told a forum member to delete his windows folder to solve a problem. :)

  Vangeliska 00:44 19 May 06

Experiment completed, a marathon exercise in patience! Almost 3 and a half hours, but it did decrypt - can't see me using it again, though.

  PUNKA 07:41 19 May 06

Vangeliska, what programme do you normally use then :-))ha. ha.

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