Converting files to DVD standard

  taffjones 23 Mar 10

I have mpg files that I tried to drag and drop onto a DVD but it won't allow me to do it. Can anybody recommend some software that'll allow me to backup some family footage onto a DVD please? I'm running XP Home SP3 with IE and Firefox.
Many Thanks

  wolfie3000 24 Mar 10

If your looking to just backup the video files then CDburnerXP is good for that.

click here

But if your looking to burn the videos onto dvd to play on a dvd player then DVDFlick is what you need.

click here

With both you wont need to convert the video.

DVDFlick will convert the video for you so it plays on a standard dvd player.

  taffjones 29 Mar 10

Sorry about the delay getting back to you and thanks very much for the info but once the video has been converted (by DVDFlick) I can't get them saved to DVD for some reason? It's probably me but when I try to drag & drop into the DVD drive it states that I can't copy the files across. Whenever I copy plain data files to the drive it's fine.

  jack 29 Mar 10

But assuming XP/Vista you will need the third party burner CDBurnerXP as mentiuoned
to achieve the DVD burn
XP etc only burns to CD

  BRYNIT 29 Mar 10

You cannot just drag and drop files to a DVD in windows XP. You need to use a burning program as mentioned by Jack.

A little more info would help.

i.e. What burning program have you installed on your computer. Are you wanting to play these mpg files from a stand alone DVD player, your computer or just wanting to backup the files.

  taffjones 30 Mar 10

I installed Astroburn Lite and tried to drag and drop but I still get the following message:
"Windows encountered a problem when trying to copy this file. What do you want Windows to do?"
I have since downloaded Nero Lite and that seems to have done the trick. I know it's only a trial version so I'll have to buy the full version.
Many Thanks to you all for helping out a Techno Dinosaur.


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