muddypaws 09 Jul 08

I intend changing from O2 contract to O2 PAYG.
I have the new sim card and transferred my contacts to it.
I wanted to transfer my present mobile number to the new card and have asked for a PAC code which will be available on the 13th July.
However if I transfer my number over will I still be able to top up the new sim via the PAYG card that came with the sim? Or will it not recognise the new tel. number?
Also is anyone aware of any problems using a PAC?

  felix_Brown 09 Jul 08

Hi everyone, I am a marketing agent and unremitting user of cell phone because of my job work. But, actually I want a cell phone with all the necessary functions in it and also affordable to me and must be in my budget. Can anyone tell me about such cell phone models which will be available with all required functions and in an affordable financial plan? I really want one of such cell phones. Any help is appreciated.

  muddypaws 09 Jul 08

I don't think your post is anything to do with my question!
Perhaps you could start a new thread for yours.

  GRIDD 12 Jul 08

PAYG card

I assume you mean etopup card? These things are in abundance at the checkouts in all the supermarkets... and they are free. Take one and link it to your phone when your number switches over.

  muddypaws 12 Jul 08

Thanks for info.


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