contract v buying

  sunnystaines 14 May 12

in pcworld today got speaking with the phone assistant says in cheaper to buy a phone up front then go a sim contract than go on a no fee upfront and pay 24 higher payment.

showed a few examples with some big savings over 24 months of £60-£100.

wondered how many others go this route, had prev thought buying was just for PAYGO option.

still pondering

  wiz-king 19 May 12

I bought my latest phone - £29 - and have it on PAYG, it has cost me £8 in calls in the last year! I let people call me.

  manoj9585 23 Jun 12

Yes i agree with your statement. In market you will see that,if you buy iPhone or other android phones they will contract with you.

  Woolwell 24 Jun 12

I'm not sure that the statement is entirely correct. I'm interested in the Samsung Galaxy S3. If I but it it will cost just under £500 which over 2 years works out at about £20 per month then I have to add a sim contract which works out at about £25 per month. I can get a free upgrade and a contract for £36 per month (not now unfortunately but in a few months time) and that works out at about £10 per month saving.

  sunnystaines 24 Jun 12

woolwell i am totally lost now, the man in the store went through the figs twice with me and i saw the savings, now looked at your reply and see your right, somehow i think i have been conned by pcworld not sure how. anyway still not upgraded the free 100 day early upgrade if on a 3 contract is not what it seems either another play with figs to confuse got to wait till 7th aug now.

  aiato 26 Jun 12

I personally don't like buying things on contracts. I try to earn money and then pay for anything I want. these all debt things will someday come and bite us.


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