Connection to the internet outside on my mobile

  lilythepink 09 Aug 11

I have a samsung gt15510. I cannot connect to the internet, facebook, etc, and gps whilst outside or travelling around. I have tried everything, any suggestions?

  preston 09 Aug 11

Is it an android phone?

  preston 09 Aug 11

When your inside do you use wifi or 3g, and do you get a decent signal, especially from 3g.

  lilythepink 10 Aug 11

i use WIFI when in the house and I do get good reception from 3g. it is an android phone.

  Menzie 10 Aug 11

It is possible that your phone has lost the connection settings for your network.

When in the UK my phone has presets for O2, Orange and the other networks. Earlier in the year I took it to the Caribbean on holiday and it would not connect to the internet when I put a local Sim in. In the end I had to hop on a PC and get the WAP/GPRS settings from the network's website.

This might be the case with your phone, have you tried entering the mobile connection settings manually?

  lilythepink 11 Aug 11

No, I wouldn't know how to do it? thanks

  Woolwell 14 Aug 11

If you are getting good reception from 3G then you should be able to access the internet. Is data network mode activated? Have a look under settings wireless and network. It may be best to talk to your mobile hone provider. I assume that you do have mobile data with them.


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