Connecting a Sony Bravia TV using ISP proxy software - how?

  Milkshakenz 21 Jul 12

I live in New Zealand and use software to allow my PC to access BBC iplayer and other overseas sites, usually only accessible from within the host country.

When my PC 'thinks' it's in the UK (so can access iplayer, and all ads etc are UK-based), my Sony Bravia TV, which connects via the PC, still only displays local content.

I understand, in the UK. BBC iplayer is obtainable via Sony TV's and playstations etc using the wifi connection.

So when my PC 'thinks' its in the UK, why doesn't the TV?

  Milkshakenz 25 Jul 12

Quite surprised after 170 views no-one has any kind of a suggestion or solution?

  Milkshakenz 29 Jul 12

I'm using Easy Hide IP. Their helpful helpdesk tell me it'll only work on the PC its loaded on, not on another internet-enabled device connected to that PC. The suggestion above sounds interesting but seeing as I'm already paying for the software I have, I'm reluctant to fork out to try another one at this stage, unless there was a free trial period without actively having to opt out at the end of it.

I'll keep looking and hopefully something will turn up.

  Milkshakenz 30 Jul 12

My apologies, you're right, I missed the link and instead went looking for the software directly on Google - hence the page I found said I had to supply a credit card to get the trial.

I'll give it a go now I can see your link is there.

Not sure of the reason behind your last sentence?

Genuine question, on a genuine site and a genuine answer. Nothing strange there.

Anyway, thanks.

  Milkshakenz 31 Jul 12

Just re-visited the link posted by Lazarus.

While the CCplayer software suggested IS free, the other software shown, which it also relies on (UK i Player) is NOT free. There is a free week's trial, conditional on giving payment details.

I did try CCplayer with easy hide IP, but it didn't work.

So my third post WAS actually correct

Obviously Lazarus didn't read the link (s)he supplied ;)


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