Connecting a basic Freesat 'box' to TV and

  jack 27 Sep 09

HDD/DVD recorder

My daughter because of terrestrial reception problems, had a Freesat set up installed yesterday.
With no knowledge of what to buy- she simply got the aerial folk to come along with dish, cable and box and do the business-
The box they installed is a Grundig GUFSAT02SD Freesat Receiver has a single SCART outlet
This they connected directly to the TV- leaving the HDD/DVD unit out altogether.
She telephoned me to ask how the recorder could be re connected-
As this has SCART in and out and in the past when I owned the unit- it was in the digibox/HDD-DVD- VCR - TV chain- I imagine this could be a similar set up.
Or can it?

  BRYNIT 27 Sep 09

The Feesat box only has one tuner and only allows one channel to be viewed at a time.

If your daughter connects the scart from the freesat box to the video in of the HDD/DVD recorder and connects the scart out to the TV she should be able view or record the freesat channels. Connecting it this way should also allow her to watch a DVD whilst recording from the freesat box.

If the HDD/DVD player is a Sony it may have a G-Link controller + cable see instructions, this may allow the channels to be changed automatically on the Freesat box when recording otherwise you will have to change the channels manually.

  jack 28 Sep 09

For example a normal digital set top box- takes the digital input and converts it to analogue to out put to a standard analogue device - Recorder or TV.

I assume however -that a Freesat [digital]receiver out putting to a digital TV- would not do the analogue conversion- or would it?
or am I seeing bogeys when there are none?

  oresome 28 Sep 09

A HDMI connection, i.e. digital, is not provided with this standard definition set top box.

High definition boxes will be provided with HDMI connectors to link to a suitable TV or other device without the analogue conversion used with the Scart lead.

  jack 28 Sep 09

Where you wrote
'A HDMI connection, i.e. digital, is not provided with this standard definition set top box.'
Does this imply that if not HDMI -not digital- therefore anything through SCART is Analogue?

If this is so the my query is answered as suggested by BRYNIT
It should be possible to 'Chain'- the existing analogue HDD/DVD player

  oresome 28 Sep 09 as BRYNIT suggests.

  jack 29 Sep 09

Off to play this afternoon

  jack 29 Sep 09

I went to the shop and discussed the situation with the two personable Asian young men.
The out come they will collect the Grundig, give full credit and install instead a Humax Foxit model- they did say another sensor[LMB?] would have to be installed all for a price a bit less than John Lewis[Who I thought were pretty good].

  oresome 29 Sep 09

LNBs are the receiving modules fitted to the dish.

Two will be required in order to both watch a channel and record a different one at the same time.

Another downlead will be fitted.

I just hope there is no chance of the completed building obstructing the path after this expenditure.

  jack 29 Sep 09

Fortunately the new structure is to the immediate west and the dish as installed is fine and giving good service.
The new structure- block of flats build from tiky tacky plywood boxes- like a stack of rabbit hutches


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