connect to wi-fi on phone

  ponytail 15 Jul 12

This post is connected again to my two previous onehave found the wi-fi on my phone and it has generated a pin numberand says enter this into your wireles router but how do I do this.The message on the phone is provisioning WI-FI profiles enter this pin into your wireles router

  bremner 15 Jul 12


It would help a great deal if you told us (for all the postings) what phone you have and for this particular query the make and model of router.

Generally speaking the wifi on your router assuming it is secured will have a password which you must apply to any device that you want to connect to the wifi. You should not be generating a pin number on the phone.

  ponytail 16 Jul 12

Hi bremmer the phone is a Blackberry Curve 8500 Series the router is a HUAWE echolife HG532 Broadband Wireless N ADSL2 +ROUTER The provider is TalkTalk Hope this helps. Thanks for the reply by the way

  bremner 16 Jul 12

This is how to connect

  1. On the Home screen, click the Manage Connections icon.
  2. Click Set Up Wi-Fi Network.
  3. Perform one of the following actions: • Click Scan for Networks. Click a network. • Click Manually Add Network. Type the network name. Click Add. • If you are using a wireless access point or router that is enabled with Wi-Fi Protected SetupTM, click Push Button Setup.
  4. Complete the instructions on the screen. - *this will ask for the wifi password from your router.**
  5. When you are prompted to save a profile for the Wi-Fi® network, click Next so that your BlackBerry® device connects to the Wi-Fi network automatically next time.
  6. Click Finish.

Click here and it will show you how to set or change the router wifi password

  simonward 23 Jul 12

bremner has provided you the details and i hope this post would have sorted out your problem.If the problem still exist,contact the service support guyz..

  churchpartner 03 Aug 12

yeah try bremner details first. In my phone case, there's no need to use pin number in order to use wifi, unless if the owner of the wifi secure it with password. I do use wifi in my phone in school of my son, then I can easy connect with them with no problem.


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