Choosing a PVR

  maco2078 15:43 03 Mar 09

I am looking around at PVR's for under a hundred quid.

JLP are doing one called Linsar. Trouble is this is not a brand name I have ever come across before.

Anyone know if it's any good?

I don't want TUTV just something that records.

  Stuartli 15:54 03 Mar 09

Almost certainly the best PVRs you can buy come from Humax.

Most quality TV/electronics outlets stock them or you can buy direct from Humax's own shop outlet (including Grade A models which will/should save some money).

click here

The official Humax website:

click here

  hastelloy 18:39 03 Mar 09

and agree totally with Stuartli - at £185 I'm tempted to get another.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:53 07 Mar 09

click here
compares most PVRs you can see exactly what features each modle has.

  maco2078 14:29 07 Mar 09

Well, I thought Humax to be the best, but I have even heard bad news about them. It seems that everyone has divided opinions about every PVR that is going.

Linsar seems to be the best imo at the moment because it is exactly what I can afford right now, plus it has a two year guarantee.

You pays yer money and you makes yer choice it seems and fingers crossed. LOL

  Stuartli 15:16 07 Mar 09

>>Linsar seems to be the best imo at the moment because it is exactly what I can afford right now>>

If cost is the only factor, then it is not necessarily the best...:-)

Humax is the only manufacturer of PVRs to have notched a 100 per cent reliability record in a well known consumer magazine's annual awards.

  anchor 08:39 09 Mar 09

Fruit Bat /\0/\: Your list was interesting, but notable that some big brands are excluded, such as Panasonic and Sony.

I also note that, unlike these well known makes, none of those on the list have the capability to record from an external source such as a camcorder or a sky digibox. I consider the lack of this facility to be a significant disadvantage.

  maco2078 09:00 09 Mar 09

click here

Not only is it a price my pocket can currently afford, plus it has a two year guarantee,(remember my other one conked out in just under 12 months and I was damn lucky to get a refund) plus the manufacturer's told me I can record two tv progs and watch another (something my Goodmans box was unable to do, I could record two but you had to be watching one), plus again unlike my Goodmans it has 100 hours of recording and not 80, I reckon altogether (aside from the obvious it is an unknown brand) are the reasons Im pretty much sold on getting it and only wish JLP would hurry up and get it back in stock.

  maco2078 09:02 09 Mar 09

Hey guys what is Optical out mean?

  anchor 09:18 09 Mar 09
  maco2078 09:21 09 Mar 09

OK Thanks, so is it for say putting into speakers?

Sorry, Im a bit thick Im a woman :-) LOL

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