CCD sizes...

  Quickbeam 10:34 02 Jul 07

Does anyone know what the quoted sizes of 1/25 or 1/72, correspond to? I'm considering buying the Panasonic Lumix DMC LX100 click here when it comes into the shops.

The spec looks quote good for a compact, but I'd like to know what dimensions this 'new large size' CCD is that's mentioned in the sales blurb. They seem to not want us to know this, yet when I bought a DSLR, all technical sizes were available.

  Arnie 18:00 02 Jul 07


The 1.72" no doubt relates to the size of the CCD area. (Charge Coupled Device).

The CCD receives the light image, which has been passed to it via the lens system.

The image is then translated into pixels (picture elements), which are fed to sophisticated electronic circuitry which makes it usable for other digital system usage.

This is purely an ad hoc description.

  Quickbeam 18:24 02 Jul 07

I was just wondering what the physical dimensions were compared to the APSc CCDs on most DSLRs, & if they are starting to to move up towards this size on high spec compacts.

The low light capability of this camera appeals to me.

  Arnie 23:15 02 Jul 07

of help Quickbeam.

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