Can't find decent XP card reader !

  Paul33 16 Apr 12

I have an XP based machine and a couple of Kingston 16GB CF cards and I am wasting shedloads of money on card readers that simply won't read the cards ..... even though they claim to !

The only way I can download images is via the cameras which is slow.

Does anybody have a card reader that will definitely download 16GB cards to an XP machine or am I looking for the impossible ?

  john bunyan 16 Apr 12

Is your HD (and the SD card) formatted to NTFS? If either is FAT32 the maximum file size is 4Gig. Sorry if you have already thought of this. I have found similar problems and only use smaller SD cards of 20 Gig (plenty for my photo needs.)

  T0SH 20 Apr 12

You could buy a few of these for very little money

If you read the reviews they may not be the most reliable devices but they are very low cost and as least one of the reviews stated they worked on an XP machine

Cheers HC

  Paul33 20 Apr 12

Thank you - might take a look

  thegatekeeper 20 Jun 12

I got a generic card reader from the computer store and it works just fine. Don't know why yours isn't mate!

Maybe the memory card is defective?

Clive Bokley @ Diablo 3


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