Can't delete Pod Cast on iPod

  golfpro 10:16 22 May 09

I have been trying to delete an old BBC podcast from my iPod nano (old version). It doesn't show up anywhere on my iPod directory only on the player, so how do I delete it?

  Mike D 17:19 22 May 09

What about synchronising your iPod with your iTunes? I think that you will then end up with only those items that are in your oTunes directory.

  john bunyan 13:33 24 May 09

In i Tunes if you click edit, preferences, devices and tick "disable automatic synching...." Then connect i Pod and go to "my computer" find the iPod (should show as a drive) and explore the iPod's file tree - treat it like an external HD. You should be able to delete it that way or as Mike D says above. I prefer manual synch as we have a number of iPods and libraries and it avoids mistakes.

  golfpro 06:45 25 May 09

Thanks for the replies folks, Done it the way you said (Manual Sync).

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