Can I transfer my 02 credit elsewhere?

  Phil Ocifer 19:50 05 Feb 13


I've just got a new phone on contract with EE and want to take my number with me, so got a PAC and I'm ready to go.

Unfortunately I've still got c.£20 credit on my 02 PAYG. 02 say I can use it or lose it, but I don't use much - that £20 would probably see me out this year but . . .

Is there a way to transfer this £20 it to a friend or credit the wifes 02 monthly contract with it, or do I have to use it, give the sim to someone else to use or do I indeed have to lose it. I've got the PAC for 30 days and could get another but I'd like to keep my 15 old number.

Any ideas? Cheers Phil

  SillBill 21:36 05 Feb 13

You can probably transfer it to another O2 SIM and then stick it in a cheap unlocked phone for emergency use.

  Phil Ocifer 15:17 07 Feb 13

Thanks SillBill - that's probably the best idea, but when I get a decent internet connection (the one at work is throttled) and half an hour spare, I'll have a look at the "O2 Wallet" and see how that works.

It might just work off the credit on my phone, and it might just let me transfer most of it to parents, wife or brother in law.

I don't mind losing a couple of quid and I saw a £15 Samsung 02 phone the other day for £5 + £1 SIM but you probs need to buy £10 credit to complete the deal in the small print.


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