Camera says 'Recharge the Battery'

  Graham. 20:37 03 Sep 06

sometimes, even though it is fully charged. This is my neighbours, so I don't have the make or model at the moment, but it is fairly new. I remember reading the same problem with a laptop. I gather the device 'remembers' the charged and discharged values, and it is these values that have been somehow changed.

How to reset them is the question.

  Stuartli 12:28 04 Sep 06

Use the camera until the battery is not providing enough power and then try recharging.

Most rechargeable type batteries these days don't suffer so much from "remembering" the point from which they were previously recharged compared to earlier types.

However, after around every five or six recharges it's good practice to run a battery down until it is almost exhausted and fully recharge it.

  Graham. 12:48 04 Sep 06

Thanks, from what I remember, it is the camera that is remembering the 'Charge now' voltage, it is this that needs updating.

  FelixTCat 13:32 04 Sep 06


If the batteries are NiCd they will require frequent complete discharge and recharge to prevent a "memory" setting of discharge. This doesn't happen with NiMH or Li-Ion batteries.

In time, though, all batteries fail because they will only stand a limited number of recharges.

Try the camera with new dry cells (AA or whatever) and see what happens.



  Stuartli 14:04 04 Sep 06

>>This doesn't happen with NiMH>>

It can/could happen if these batteries are continuously recharged without occasional use to virtually exhausted.

For instance it's recommended that you should discharge a mobile phone NiMH battery once a fortnight that is normally rechaged every day.

  STREETWORK 06:23 05 Sep 06

You could take the camera to a good high street shop and ask them to charge it. They ought to be able to totally discharge it first.

A trick I used to do was to connect a torch bulb to the battery using 2 wires and discharge it, then recharge. Be warned on this, at your own risk be it...

  Graham. 08:40 05 Sep 06

Thanks, worth a try. I'll take the risk!

  jack 17:39 06 Sep 06

This has been mentioned
When charging when camera says so will mean a residual voltage is around
So the best way to do with is with a small torch that takes AA cels- load 'em in and leave the torch on till the cells are competely drained.
Or you could mess with wire/tape and a bulb/ or I beleive there are discharge devices out there,

  Stuartli 18:20 06 Sep 06

You should never absolutely flatten a rechargeable battery - it can cause more problems than it solves.

That's why I stated "virtually exhausted" earlier..:-)

  Graham. 19:52 06 Sep 06

Quite right. The only way to revive the battery then would be to connect another 'good' battery in parallel until the charging starts. Not for the novice to try, mind.

  Graham. 11:36 07 Sep 06

Put the AA cells in a Sinclair Microvision TV. When their voltage is down to 1.2V you will lose the picture.

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