Camcorder repairs

  johndrew 19:25 28 Jun 09

My Mitsubishi HS-CX4 camcorder has failed. I know it is no longer young but until it failed it was excellent.

The problem appears to be within the playback circuit in that as soon as I press the `Play` button it turns off. There are other anomalies - like sometimes it will not record the whole tape - but I think if I look harder there will be other faults.

Does anyone know of a reliable repair agency that may take the job on at a fair price?

Many thanks in anticipation.

  oldbeefer2 09:01 29 Jun 09

I looked into this problem a couple of years ago and gave up in the end - the quotes I had were almost the price of a new camcorder. As they are even cheaper now, your best bet may be buy a new one. If anyone knows better, I still have the U/S machine and wouldn't mind getting it repaired for a sensible price!

  Pamy 11:07 29 Jun 09

Have you tried any of these on Google? click here

  johndrew 12:05 29 Jun 09

Thanks for your responses people.

I have Googled for repairers, but was hoping someone may have a recommendation. After all, not all repair agencies are `good` or reliable.

Whilst I recognise the price I paid new (£699) may well be the price of a top end camcorder now and mine could be replaced more cheaply for the same standards, it does seem a shame not to try and `recycle` it.

However, given that I now find it no longer records either it looks as if I may end up replacing it.

  johndrew 16:20 30 Jun 09

Have had one estimate back; £80 + vat + carriage with a 3 month warranty.

Looks like a new camcorder - shame.

  Pamy 20:55 30 Jun 09

£100 does not seam bad to me

  johndrew 12:16 01 Jul 09

I agree to a point. But when considering it is over 14 years old and I will only get a 3 month warranty and add to this that a replacement to a similar/better spec is around £300 with a 1 or 2 year warranty it looks a little wasteful.

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