camcorder question or two...

  nick_j007 12:09 16 Feb 08

Hi all,

My trusted Panasonic camcorder has stopped recording though will playback so a good excuse to look for a new one.

I am hoping to make some instructional DVDs for sale on my web site this year, so simple editing will be important to me.

I have been looking at some high def. hard drive based models, as I like the idea of the convenience and easy transfer of the footage...I realise it's not quite up to the same mark as mini DV but unless you can correct me the end viewer will not see the difference.

This little Canon has caught my eye... click here

I have up untill now been using Nero (I have Nero Vision Express 3) to capture and then simply edit the footage for placing onto a DVD for family footage and storing. Will I be able to continue to do this with a new camera like the above?

I'm not looking to become a movie maker, but a clean simple look is important to me. As I will be doing it myself I shall want to avoid any hair pulling sessions also.

Your thoughts will be welcome.

Thanks, Nick.

  nick_j007 12:17 16 Feb 08

Maybe this will get me sorted?

click here

  Pamy 12:50 16 Feb 08

Hi, just a thought, will your customers be able to view High Definition?, will it be viewable on lower tech equipment?

  nick_j007 13:26 16 Feb 08

Good point. Well I think I shall need to burn a DVD that will be viewable by all basic machines upwards. So I assume I will need to record my commercial footage (bitage!) in standard def?

HD footage will be mainly for me and family footage.

  anchor 13:53 16 Feb 08

From what I see on their demo video, Nero 8 burns HD to blue-ray. Your customer would need a HD TV and a blue-ray player.

I think you must record to a standard DVD for commercial use.

  nick_j007 21:11 16 Feb 08

So will a machine such as the one I link to record standard def too?

Looks like I need to research this more.


  anchor 13:15 17 Feb 08

From the Canon site it would seem that this model may only record in HD mode.

click here

  nick_j007 18:46 17 Feb 08

Yes thanks anchor.

Bit of a bummer if people can only watch my output in HD...
Though I think I may be able to downscale it to SD...just looking into what the quality would be like.


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