- great experience

  Dizzy Bob 20 Feb 08

I have recently ordered a new mobile from click here and found the whole process to be very smooth and well organised.

I ordered the phone on Sunday night, recieved an email first thing monday morning confirming reciept of the order. recieved another email on monday afternoon confirming that all checks passed and that phone would be with me next day. phone duly arrived 11.00 next morning. Also got instructions on how to claim free gift. Completed free gift instructions on Wednesday, recieved email on friday confirming reciept of free gift instruction, and gift arrived monday morning.

I am not posting about the deals/prices which may not be right for everyone, but i was very impressed by the excellent communications, and that everything arrived exactly when they said it would.



  Dizzy Bob 21 Feb 08

Not spam,

You will find that i have been a member of this forum for quite a while, usually posting in consumerwatch or speakers corner.

I simply wanted to recognise good service, rather than moaning about poor service which is all to common.

I would suggest that if you have nothing to add, then do just that.


  Forum Editor 22 Feb 08

Don't worry, I know who you are. Thanks for the positive feedback on that site. Good customer service is always worth a mention.

  GEEKSTA 15 Mar 08

no i wouldnt call it spam.
just giving a site positve feedback :)

  belfman 15 Mar 08

That's the easy part it's when ya need warranty/help that good service should be measured.


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