Buying my first LCD Television

  Legolas 17:22 28 Dec 06

Hi all I am buying my first LCD Tele soon and I was thinking of getting this one click here I have read online reviews from product review sites but has anybody here any experience of this TV?

  Legolas 14:01 29 Dec 06

Just noticed my link was wrong click here

  Stuartli 17:04 29 Dec 06

Samsung make excellent flat screen sets, but also have a look at Toshiba and Panasonic; in addition there are a number of offers around for the Sony Bravia sets.

  Legolas 17:37 29 Dec 06

Hi Stuartli I have had a look around although it is difficult to choose as they are so many. The Samsung attracted me as it has a 5000:1 contrast ratio and a good price. As this is my first foray into LCD television and I have only just persuaded my father this is the way to go I don't want to end up with a screen with a worse picture than out old 26" CRT, also as I am going halves with the aged parent he baulks at paying too much so round about £600 is the limit, although if I see a must have then I will stump up the extra.

  Stuartli 17:49 29 Dec 06

How about this (!):

click here

  Legolas 18:00 29 Dec 06

Very nice but I forgot to say we are ideally looking for a 32" but thanks for the link.

  So Simple 13:36 30 Dec 06

I've just been through the same process and given the constant improvements and price drops, didn't want an expensive piece of obsolete kit three months after buying. I've just bought this one after reading some great reviews and seeing it in the flesh in an Evesham shop. Because I already have Sky+, I went for the basic model with analogue tuner. 32in LCD for under £500 and three year swap out warranty, if you see a better bargain I'll be mightily impressed!click here

  Legolas 16:43 30 Dec 06

So Simple. Thanks for the link looks really good and the reviews for all the Sets are positive I think I will be choosing one of these :-)

  ripvan 21:19 31 Dec 06

Legolas I just bought the Toshiba 32wlt66 from currys Halifax for £599.99.Thet price matched empiredirects price as they as currys sell them for £699.Have been lucking for a while and this tv has won a lot of awards in the mags.Home cinema choice etc.Also see Avforums site there is loads of info on there.

  ripvan 07:29 01 Jan 07

Blimey where did my spelling come from (lucking).Must be the thought of being up all night on night shift tonight-new years eve!
how about this for a deal
click here
There is a big following for this tv on click here

  STREETWORK 09:18 01 Jan 07

Wait until the 15 Jan 2007 and then go to Curry's....wink

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