buy mobile phone number..?

  awest3 14:13 15 Jun 09

Anyone know if there is a trade in mobile phone numbers..? After leaving work I got a personal phone but its number is very difficult to remember. I know I should have got my works number transferred at the time but forgot...


  BT 16:31 15 Jun 09

Do what I do and put a sticker on the back with the number on it!

  Kevscar1 18:52 15 Jun 09

I have no idea what my mobile number is. I will never phone myself so I don't need to know.

  laurie53 19:42 15 Jun 09

How do manage when you order a carry out? They always ask for your number.

  MAT ALAN 21:58 15 Jun 09

but its number is very difficult to remember

put it in the phone under your name....

or am i missing something...

  Forum Editor 22:12 15 Jun 09

do you have?

  BT 07:22 16 Jun 09

You're right. My phone has a menu option -My Number- which is in there automatically.

  awest3 09:44 16 Jun 09

Thanks for your posts...Have to say I'm a mite confused by them...I know I can put the number in the phone, I also know I can write it down and stick it on the phone..but I think it would be better if I could have a number which I can remember. So does anyone know if in fact there is a trade in mobile telephone numbers or have I hit on an idea to make myself a millionaire.. :-)


  dagnammit 01:35 17 Jun 09

signed up to those free pay as you go sim offers... click here selected 4 and then chose the easiest one to remember.

and guess what, I still can't rememeber it!

  dagnammit 01:43 17 Jun 09

and being absent minded... there's already a trade in them.

Ones that immitate a business landline eg. landline is 02890969696 mobile is 07755969696.

ones that have lots of 0s, 1s or 9s etc

ones that sort of spell words by the numbers looking like them. eg 1337 (spells leet)

or can be spelled on the keypad.

07755 ADVICE (238423)

as an example. click here

  awest3 11:15 17 Jun 09

Now you mention it my business mobile imitated my home phone number, well at least the area code...

Thanks for your posts it seems you can buy mobile numbers..from about £50 on commercial sites or cheaper through sites like gumtree..anyone know how to find if a numbers in use..besides just calling it?.


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