Burning a dvd woes,

  wolfie3000 06:21 13 Feb 07

Well this is a subject i know nothing about at all,

Im a total noob at it lol.

Ok here goes,
I have an avi file of a trip to farleigh hungerford castle (the avi file is around 670MB) i want to put on a dvd so it will play on a stand alone player (my mates dvd player in his living room)

I have Ulead video studio 10, DVD shrink and DVD flick.

Iv tryed without success to burn this video onto a dvd with Ulead video studio 10 and later on today am going to try to burn it onto a dvd with dvd flick,

The dvd disc i will be using is a Sony DVD+RW

So how do i do it????

Iv made 4 coasters out of the other DVD+RW discs and its getting expensive. (£15.99 for 5)

Im onto my last disc and i dont wanna screw it up.

Please tell me how to do this as im near to going postal on my pc,

The simpler the better please.

  bennyhillslovechild 07:31 13 Feb 07

DVD flick should convert the avi file into the .vob files (aka mpeg2, I think) needed to play on a standalone DVD player.

Small guide: click here

Also....Obviously using dvd+/-r would have been cheaper, but as you have used rewritables, can you not format them to use again? (unless you REALLY like shiny coasters?) :)

  wolfie3000 07:40 13 Feb 07

Tryed to format the coasters but pc throws a fit when i put them into the drive just,

TY for the guide, just hope it works.

its getting embarrasing now, not being able to make a dvd that will play on a stand alone dvd player,

Its soooo fustrating especially when i know teenagers that can do it.

  Haol 09:30 13 Feb 07

Alright wolfie?

To convert the AVI to DVD I would use ConvertXtoDVD. It works great and the quality it gives is amazing. Only problem is is that it's shareware.

click here

  wolfie3000 11:39 13 Feb 07

ok i now have 5 coasters now :(

I f0llowed the instructions to DVD Flick and got the same result as with the other dvd burning tools,
A dvd disc that wont play in any player and that crashes my pc where inserted into my pc.

Whats going on guys??? surely it cant be this hard to make a dvd?

I am so depressed now, £15.99 wasted and many hours of waiting and eventual dissappointment.

Well i give up, iv had enough of it im going to go down stairs and get wasted on scotch.

i just cant cope with this its way to depressing :(

  David4637 14:16 13 Feb 07

You will have to do more homework, YOU have the necessary S/W already. Ulead should import an AVI file onto a time line for edit, then it should compile it auto into *.VOB files etc for burning onto a DVD. It does require digging from video sites, and also you need to look at the Ulead help files. If you know people that done it, ask them what they did, get them round to show you, or go round to them. When you do, take plenty of scrap paper for writing notes - thats the best way to learn how to do things.

  jack 14:56 13 Feb 07

Download CDBurner XP Pro 3

Its free- does pretty all things

However be warned not all stand alone players play all the types of disk.

There is a general rule that says the more sophisticated or posh the player the fussier they get
whilst the 20 quid special from ASDA plays everything including grubby beermats.

If the file size will allow try burning on a CD as VCD or VXCD.

  wolfie3000 00:04 14 Feb 07

Thanks for all your help guys but iv decided to give up on it.

Il stick to what i do best, playing and modding games :)

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