In built Freeview

  dan1611 14:31 14 Nov 10

I am planning on getting a HD 15" Tv to act more as a monitor for my husbnads PS3. The TV comes with built in Freeview Tuner. In order for him to access the Channels on Freeview what will he need. The TV will be situated away from the other TV etc, we have a secondary analogue ariel upstairs.
Any help gratefully received.

  BRYNIT 14:58 14 Nov 10

Just plug aerial into TV and auto-tune. Most aerials should be able to receive a reasonable freeview signal.

If its an old cable I would check it for any damage especially external cables as they tend to rot/crack allowing water in and reducing the signal.

  Terry Brown 20:22 14 Nov 10

If it is a poor signal (losing signal or breaking up), get a booster about £10 to cure the problem.

  morddwyd 08:08 15 Nov 10

A poor signal is a poor signal, and a booster will simply boost the faults along with everything else.

A booster is good for boosting a weak signal, not a poor one.

They are not one and the same.

  dan1611 14:53 15 Nov 10

Thanks everyone for your help. This has answered my query completely so thanks very much.


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