Bose Wave Music System iv

  Pine Man 15:35 12 Jan 16

I want an all in one radio/CD system which is small but has the sound capabilities of a set up with much bigger speakers.

The one that seems to stand out and tick all my boxes is the Bose Wave Music System iv, which gets excellent reviews BUT a pretty high price at £599.99. The only alternative I have seen is Ruark but that is £50 dearer.

I don't mind paying premium prices for top quality goods but I hate the thought of being ripped off.

Anybody any thoughts on the Bose Wave or a suitable alternatives?

  wee eddie 17:03 12 Jan 16

My sister has a Bose System. It delivers a superb soundscape.

However, as you say, it is pricey.

I used to have a McIntosh Valve Amplifier, roughly £8000+ to replace. I mourn it's passing after it was left out in a thunder storm. However I get by with a very adequate Sony at £200.

Only you can make the decision

  Pine Man 18:49 12 Jan 16

Thanks for the response so far.

The only systems I have seen that are cheaper and sound as good as Bose all seem to have separate, fairly large speakers, which isn't what I want.

If BOSE means what toejams says let's have some suggestions please.

  morddwyd 19:20 12 Jan 16

I have tried Bose but always found it too heavy on the bass.

Fine for the "boom-boom" pop and allied genres, but you do lose some of the more delicate aspects of Vivaldi and such.

You could feed it through a versatile equaliser but what's the point of paying a premium for a sound you are going to alter anyway?

Remember the old mantra of turntable days "The biggest proportion of your money should be spent equally on the input (pick-up) and the output (speakers)".

  Pine Man 17:04 16 Jan 16

Well I tried loads of different systems. Some cheap, some expensive and some stupidly expensive and eventually decided on the Bose Wave Music System iv.

I guess it falls into the expensive category at nearly £600 but after having a demo in the shop I was sold and it was just as good when I got it home.

It couldn't have been easier to set up. Just plug it into the mains and off you go. No external aerials needed for either DAB or FM and once I had changed the bass default settings to my liking it was absolutely amazing.

When you get on in years why shouldn't you occasionally spoil yourself?

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