markrmcghie 21:48 PM 07 Jan 08

i bought microsoft office for my blackberry 8100 and i can not get it to install and hoping ome can help please

  mymate 09:42 AM 08 Jan 08

click here That looks like a forum for Blackberry users

  markrmcghie 10:01 AM 08 Jan 08

the company who i bought office from now saying i can not download the software to install any ideas mymate please help

  mymate 10:45 AM 08 Jan 08

markrmcghie. Can you join up to that forum and put a question in there ?

Did the company you bought office from in the first place say it will install on a Blackberry ?

I dont know much about them Balckberry at all.My friend has one and she never uses it as she doesnt know how to.

Look someone has put office on it click here

They look like a friendly lot on that forum

  mymate 10:47 AM 08 Jan 08

Oh no they didnt,they were asking the same question as you.

Can you not get your money back from company you bought office from ? or sell it on ebay

  jaritch 13:09 PM 08 Jan 08

As a blackberry user you cannot install Microsoft office on a blackberry. As the above link states you can view office attachments. You have to get specialized office suite like e-office for Blackberry. So I'm afraid whoever sold you Microsoft for your Blackberry was ill informed to put it nicely.


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