the best way to save a digital photo

  DrDob 20:54 01 May 08

Dear all, what is the best way to save a digital photo? is it JPEG? or TIFF?. I have to get it right as the wife takes digital photos as photo art, and if i muck them up..... dog house time. i do all the computer work and printing. Can any of you can help me before i end up shering with the dog. thank you dr dob

  MAT ALAN 21:44 01 May 08

or digital files, there are many file formats in use and no assurances that any will survive for 30 years. But most digital photographs today are stored in JPEG format, the compression standard used by most consumer digital cameras and supported by just about all the current imaging hardware and software. The digital-imaging industry is very unlikely to drop this support for it for a long time, even after better things come along. So store at least one copy of all your photos as a JPEG.

JPEG uses lossy compression, which means that a decompressed image is not exactly the image you started with. Shoot and store one copy of your images at the highest quality and resolution your camera allows. If you plan to manipulate your images, convert them to a lossless format, such as TIFF, while you edit, then save them back to JPEG when you are finished if you do not have enough space on your harddrive to keep them as TIFF

  Stuartli 10:08 02 May 08
  Arnie 19:06 02 May 08

"and if i muck them up..... dog house time."

It won't matter if you 'muck up' a photo if you always save it with a different name from the original.

To be on the safe side make a like for like copy of the original. Now save the second copy, but at 2 to the mame.

  Arnie 19:08 02 May 08

but add 2 to the name.


  DrDob 18:34 03 May 08

dear all thank you for your help, the dog is gratefully too. I will be puting your good advice in to action. thank you all

Dr Dob

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