Best MP3 Download Site?

  The Brigadier 11:35 22 Dec 06

So whats the best site for a friends little girl to download music to her MP3 player & which music format is better?

  bremner 11:59 22 Dec 06

Apple Music Store through iTunes in the most comprehensive.

You do not say what mp3 player she has, if it is an iPod then you would have no problems, if not then a little conversion is required.

  The Brigadier 12:50 22 Dec 06

It's not a iPod, just some small MP3 player from Tescos.

  dukeboxhero 13:38 23 Dec 06

a better option might be to buy cd then convert to mp3 with somthing like this
click here

  Kate B 13:38 24 Dec 06

You can't play tunes from the iTunes music store on any player but an iPod: they're copy-protected AACs, which non-iPods don't support. Incidentally, no download store supplies tunes in mp3 format because you can't add DRM to mp3s: with the exception of iTunes, as discussed, the rest all provide copy-protected WMAs, which, by the way, won't play on iPods.

  bremner 15:47 24 Dec 06

There is a relatively easy way to create mp3's from iTunes downloads that has been mentioned here many times before. Simply create an audio CD from the downloaded tracks in iTunes and then rip the resultant CD back as mp3's.

I use a CD RW and then erase the disk in Nero and reuse it time and time again.

  sean-278262 23:32 24 Dec 06

The easy way is to buy the CDs as mentioned. All the online stores bar a couple which I am unable to list here due to the rules offer formats that are restrictive needlessly or expensive. The best way to get a collection of songs going would be to use ebay and buy the cds cheaper than normal.

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