Brian the Snail 15:26 23 Feb 09

When I tried to back up a recent purchase onto CD I got the message - The attempt to burn a disc failed. An unknown error occurred.

Can anyone help to resolve this, please?

  john bunyan 16:29 23 Feb 09

Can you give a few more details - I assume you mean : In ITunes some m4p downloads would not burn to CD? - how many tracks did you try to burn etc. Do you have any other burning software other than iTunes? I sometimes use iTunes but also have Roxio Creator 2009 and use that as well. (XP, not sure about Vista)

  Brian the Snail 17:05 23 Feb 09

I bought a CD from the iTunes store with 8 tracks. After buying it I had the option of backing it up by creating a playlist and then "Burn CD". It has worked OK in the past.

  john bunyan 18:12 23 Feb 09

I assume this was a downloades CD ? If so not sure why it won't burn as individual tracks do.

  Brian the Snail 21:43 23 Feb 09

Will try doing it by individual tracks.

  Brian the Snail 21:30 24 Feb 09

I have checked on the files and they are "Protected AAC files" that I bought from iTunes. That is presumably the cause of the problem. I have not come across them before.

  mole44 06:10 25 Feb 09

i just drag the whole itunes folder to another external drive,then it`s backed up.My ipod has 17,000 music tracks (all legal) and i`d hate to think what would hapen if i lost them all.Also google "Sharepod" this will help you backup your items on your ipod.hope this helps

  Brian the Snail 12:32 25 Feb 09

Thanks. I have done the backup onto an external drive so I can sleep at night now!

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