Are Digital Set-Top boxes (SKY/Virgin) universal?

  sikefula 12:37 29 May 07

Am just wondering if these decoders will work all over the world with a local smart card from a local Digital satelitte provider?

If for instance,I take it to SA,can I use one of these with the local service or not?


  Stuartli 21:04 29 May 07

Presumably each set top box would be only capable of handling whatever TV system is in use in a particular country.

  rodriguez 12:52 30 May 07

I think for other countries you need to plug the relevant CAM in the back of the box. I think this is just for Sky as well, not cable. Boxes from the UK need to be taken to countries that use PAL, and thats just with the Scart lead. Using the RF lead gives out PAL-I which is the UK format. If you use the RF lead in the rest of Europe and Australia you wont get any sound because they use PAL-B and G. America and Japan are out of the question as they use NTSC.

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