Anyone knowledgeable about data useage?

  hotrocks68 12:09 24 May 14

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone alot smarter than me can offer some advice. My current 2 year mobile contract is about to expire and i'm looking at new contracts. I would like the iphone 5s with unlimited minutes.The decision i need to make is with how much data allowance. I would like to download a walking/distance app on the phone as i regularly walk between 12 and 16 miles a couple of times a week.I assume that the internet on the phone would be running throughout the whole 5 or 6 hours whilst i'm walking(sorry to sound dense)and if so,going hiking twice a week would put perhaps 12 hours of useage on my usual amount i use. So my question is,does anyone know roughly how much data per month i would use at that rate.........soas i can decide if 2g or 5g or unlimited is required???

Thanks in advance :)

  bremner 17:30 24 May 14

You need to check the app.

The pedometer that I had on my iPhone worked through the accelerometer not the internet so no data use was involved.

Explanation Pedometer

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