Is anybody aware of any good mobile phone deals for children?

  geek84 17:24 12 Dec 12

Hi folks

I am thinking of buying mobile phones for my two children - they are both 11 years of age.

Is anyone aware of any goods deals going at the moment contract or sim only? I’m not too bothered about the amount of free talk time minutes or the number of free text messages etc. I only want to use the phones to keep in touch with them if they are coming late from school etc.

Thanks in advance for your response

  bemuzed 19:59 13 Dec 12

Three allow you to cap their spend

  Woolwell 13:40 14 Dec 12

You may not be bothered by the number of free text messages but they probably will be.

  geek84 19:46 16 Dec 12

Hi folks

Thanks for your advice so far.

Any further input would be greatly appreciated.

  HXP 18:13 28 Dec 12

Tesco also allow capping - if Android device download 3G watchdog ( free ) enable data cut off at a limit you set .... so even on a fixed contract you can make sure no overage data charges ... always use wifi .....


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