Any CCTV Experts Out There?

  rossgolf 25 Jun 12

Hi guys, Didnt really fit in with the PC Helproom so posting here, feel free to move it FE if needs be :)

I work in a shop where ive set up the CCTV cameras (only a small high street shop). We have 8 cameras in total. They are all hard wired in and connected to a very expensive DVR. (Video Switch Vi101). The program to watch the camera feeds remotely is pretty good, however i want to be able to watch it in real time rather than frame by frame that the program only allows for. For example, at the moment you can watch a frame a second. In the shop its connected to a monitor and of course you can watch it in real time there but not remotely. Is there any way to watch it remotely?



  Nontek 25 Jun 12

Sorry I cannot give a proper answer, but yes it should be possible to view any/all the monitors remotely - the reason I can say this is because some time ago a friend of mine had a similar setup in a couple of his shops, at which time, given a URL by my friend, I could watch all his Monitors on my XP PC at home.

  rossgolf 25 Jun 12

Watching remotely isnt the issue. I can do that already. The problem is the fact that its second by second images im viewing rather than a live continuous view

  Nontek 25 Jun 12

Your question was ....

Is there any way to watch it remotely?

Anyway, sorry I can't help.

  rossgolf 25 Jun 12

Ahh sorry, didnt realise - Typo - Should have been Live Remotely**

  Forum Editor 25 Jun 12

I think this is really better suited to the Digital Home forum, so I'm moving it across from Speakers Corner.

  rossgolf 25 Jun 12

Cheers FE

  Forum Editor 25 Jun 12

The quality of the remote feed will tend to be limited by the upstream feed rate of the internet connection in the shop. In other words, the faster the broadband upload rate, the better the stream quality.

Check your shop's upload speed.

  rossgolf 25 Jun 12

Hmm, true but I did check that a while ago and the images being uploaded are only 34kb ish. I think it might be the software im using but i cant find any decent free software to test that theory with.

  interzone55 27 Jun 12

The issue is your upload link. You need to drop the remote view resolution to CIF if possible, as the compression on this DVR is quite poor and will swamp an ADSL uplink if left at full resolution


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