Android tablet and wifi

  bigrad 19 Oct 11

I have a viewpad 7 touch tablet and I'm finding it impossible so far to connect it via wifi with my home router. SSIDs match and the tablet can see the router and remember the SSID but it wont connect to internet. Supplier said connection was fully automatic other than keying the ssid so nothing to be done other than reset the tablet, which I did, and reset the router, which I did - (to no effect) and if that didnt work to send it back. Well, it connects fine in hotspots and works a dream so I'm thinking that it must be some setting or other in my home router. I've got a pc and laptop running off that wirelessly with no problem at all, so I dont want to muck up the whole thing trying to fix the tablet connection. I asked Orange about router settings and they just suggested a hard reset and seemed fairly indifferent to the problem. I'd be grateful for any ideas. Thanks.

  bigrad 20 Oct 11

OK, So I've now answered my own question! For information the livebox mini has a pairing button which when pressed simultaneously with attempting to connect wirelessly from the tablet using the supplied router security key (or your own if you have reset it since it was supplied)will allow for a very brief period another wireless unit to be accepted. The tablet will remember the key and connect automatically when wireless is turned on in the future.

  bigrad 21 Oct 11

Marria85 - I solved the problem by a simple pairing arrangement in the end. Once pairing initiated the viewpad7 scanned for networks and spotted the livebox ok and prompted for PW. Now its remembered it and connects faultlessly every time. In fact I'd say the viewpad 7 is an excellent piece of kit for the money, if a little bit fiddly on its settings.


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