Android Defragger or Regclean wanted

  Covergirl 31 May 11

Is there such a thing as a defragger or registry cleaner for an Android smartphone ?

Reason is, I've got 2.5GB free on my 4GB SD card and 16MB free internally, but the Rio update get so far then tells me that there's insufficient space to install.

Also, it sometimes hangs like it's got too much to think about - especially annoying whilst trying to dial or answer, but I do close down apps rather than keep them "minimised" (so to speak).

I've deleted some of the apps I installed (like spirit level and compass) to free up space, but it still comes up with the message.

Since then, I've installed updates for the other two Angry Birds games without problem, rebooted and still get the failure message.

LG GTS540, Android v1.6, Kernel version 2.6.29

Thanks in advance

  Ashrich 01 Jun 11

I wonder if this was one of the failings of the earlier iterations of Android 1.6 , is there an update available to something in the 2.0 region (2.1 or 2.2 )for your device , it may help with your problem

Just did a quick check , it seems that the Optimus does have an Android 2.1 update available .

  Covergirl 02 Jun 11

Thanks Ashrich. Very good information.

I'll double check for that update as there are a few models of Optimus (P990, E900, P500, E720 etc.).

On the "Insufficient Space" problem, I have sorted this now by going through the applications manually one by one and clearing the Cache and Data on each one. On doing this I found I'd lost all my screen personalisations, saved passwords, memos, call logs etc. Nothing serious though. DOH !!

However, contacts are still there as are any applications I didn't remove.

Thanks again

(I'll try mark this complete)


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