Android address book application

  Pine Man 26 Jan 12

I have a Samsung Galaxy Apollo.

I want to keep my 'contacts' saved to my SIM card but if I do the only information I can record is a name, phone number and email address. If I want my 'contacts' to include a full geographical address and other information I can only do this by saving it to my phone and not the SIM card.

The only answer appears to be by using some form of address book application but I can't find one.

Any ideas?

  Woolwell 26 Jan 12

Why do you want to save them to the sim card?

  Pine Man 27 Jan 12

I have always saved my contacts to the SIM card,mainly to facilitate changeover to a new phone, and it is, as far as I am aware, an easier way of removing private info from a phone by removing the SIM card.

I am certainly open to being convinced otherwise;-)

  Woolwell 27 Jan 12

You are right about removing data although a factory restore will also do it. With android phones I now sync contacts and calendar with Google and therefore find it easy to change as all of the details are immediately available "in the cloud" (I think I prefer online).

  Woolwell 27 Jan 12

To answer your original question have you searched for a PIM app, using PIM? There are ones out there that manage your contacts. However I cannot personally recommend one as I don't use them. round up of top android PIM

  Pine Man 27 Jan 12

Thanks for your interest and advice.

I have been doing a bit of research and realise that I am still living in the dark ages!

All of my contacts and their information are now NOT on my SIM card but in my phone. As you point out, and I have found elsewhere, there are so many different ways of moving that data about and removing it that you no longer need to use the SIM for it at all.

Thanks again.

Learning all the time!


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