analogue camcorder to pc

  braiman 16:09 29 Nov 06

I have a sony Hi8 Handycam. I am tempted to purchase one of these (relatively)cheap £40+/- converters, ie Terratec grabster 150 or Smartdisk cameramate video safe. Has anyone out there used one of these? And if so with what success? I am reluctant to throw out the Handycam as it has proved very good in the past but it would be helpfull to be able to edit ect on my pc
Rgds Braiman

  Pamy 15:14 30 Nov 06

Hi braiman, I have tried in the past to put analogue onto DVD. You can do it and edit it with the right software but I have never been happy with the quality.

  braiman 11:49 01 Dec 06

Thank you Pamy for your prompt reply, did you use either of the devices I mentioned? I know there are very expensive bits of equipment to achieve analogue to digital but I hoped that there was something cheap and cheerful that would suit an amateur like me. Rgds Braiman

  MichelleC 15:13 01 Dec 06

Does your camcord have 'passthrough' facility (my Sony does)? If so you need a firewire cable to connect cam to pc plus a firewire card. So you then don't need a video card converter. If it doesn't then it's worth spending extra to get a decent converter.

  braiman 16:06 01 Dec 06

Michellc thank you for your reply. My camcorder is a sony Hi8 CCD-TRV65E I am not sure what you mean by passthrough facility. The camcorder has an "S video" socket and red yellow and white sockets for connecting to a tv or vcr. On my pc I do have a firewire connection. I have looked at the sony website but did not glean anything, this camcorder seems to be off their radar.
Rgds Braiman

  Pamy 18:04 01 Dec 06

analogue camcorder to pc, My graphics card is an ATI ALL in Wonder Pro that has a connector for Anologue. No I have not used your devices, sorry

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